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What People who use our service say

"they help me to become a person, and recognise what wrong I am doing, and help me to help myself become a better person and show me I have to take responsibility for me and be a man?"

"I wouldn't be here today only for the Cork Alliance, did you ever see the crash test dummies smashing off a wall and somebody is left to pick up the pieces, that's what the Cork Alliance Centre do. For me they're like a lighthouse with a beacon and if I need them they're there"

                 Chris (Service User), in a radio interview with Pat Kenny, RTE Radio 1

"I do find it difficult to remember how I use to think, it's funny because it's not like it was a million years ago like. It's like I do find it hard to look back and think about it. Not that I don't feel there's a huge change because there is, but so much so that I can't even remember it like, I can't connect back, I'm not the person that thinks like that."

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