Cork Alliance Centre

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Desistance & Integration Support Programme

The Desistance and Integration Support Programme is available to all soon-to-be and recently released prisoners returning to or living in the Cork area.

Access to the Cork Alliance Centre is voluntary. Our work  supports people on release from prison to become generally better equipped to manage their lives positively. It also seeks to facilitate service users restore positive connections and relationships with their family, friends, community, society and most importantly with themselves.

Referrals are primarily made through the Probation Service and the Irish Prison Service. We welcome self-referrals, referrals from family members, and from other service providers who are concerned about someone in prison or recently released. Our referral process is quick and easy, and a phone call to our office will result in an appointment at your earliest convenience, or Vicky or Nóirín will link in with the person in Prison during the in-reach visits.

If you are a family member or service provider you can complete the referral form.

Please see the services section for further details on the supports available on this programme.

The remit of the Cork Alliance Centre does not extend to offering supports sex offenders.

Community Support Scheme

The Community Support Scheme is run in conjunction with the Irish Prison Service, and offers prisoners serving sentences between 3 and 12 months the opportunity to serve part of their sentence in the community rather than in the prison.

This constructive community based alternative to imprisonment is a means of positive sentence management offering a chance for change for the prisoner in an effort to break the cycle of repeated short-term imprisonments. The opportunity to serve a sentence in the community rather than in prison is a short-term practical intervention linking those availing of this early (temporary) release programme to services and service providers within their home locality, as a means to improve the individual’s chances of sustaining life outside of prison.

Referrals are made by the Irish Prison Service to the programme.  Emma and Gillian work with referrals both in prison and while people serving their sentence in the community .

Please see the services section for further details on the supports available on this programme.